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The 2020 state of the web report

Experts from around the web community are currently hard at work planning, analyzing, and writing content for the 2020 edition of the Web Almanac, which is on track to be published at the end of the year.

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The Web Almanac has been made possible by the hard work of the web community. 124 people have volunteered countless hours in the planning, research, writing and production phases.

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Websites Tested
Data Processed
31.3 TB

Unless otherwise noted, the metrics in all of the 22 chapters of the Web Almanac are sourced from the HTTP Archive dataset. HTTP Archive is a community-run project that has been tracking how the web is built since 2010. Using WebPageTest and Lighthouse under the hood, metadata about over 7.5 million websites are tested monthly and included in a public BigQuery database for analysis. The August 2020 dataset was used as the basis for the Web Almanac's metrics. For more information, see the Methodology page.

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